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CEN/TR 17143:2017 Edition 10/2017
Intelligent transport systems - Standards and actions necessary to enable urban infrastructure coordination to support Urban-ITS
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The scope of this project is to undertake a pre-study providing stakeholder mapping, framework identification, gap analysis and identification of standards and related actions required to address the urban infrastructure aspects: the provision of a) multimodal information services; b) traffic management; c) urban logistics, that are required to support the provision of Urban-ITS. Specifically, the scope of this pre-study is to produce a technical report that will (by December 2015), for each area, specifically address the standardisation requirements to meet the following technical challenges: - stakeholder engagement; - common/interoperable data; - multimodality; - creation of (multimodal) transport datasets; - multiple means of communication; - urban logistics management - creation of urban-interurban interfaces; - use of open standards, architectures and specifications; - enable rather than prescribe or proscribe. It is the intention that, while the formal deliverable of this pre-study will be a technical report, that the project team will also identify areas for draft ‘New Work Item Proposals’ (and justifications) for work items to fill the identified gaps, where those gaps can be filled by Standards deliverables, and that the pre-study will also consider and make recommendations for any other support measures that are considered important or essential in order for the successful implementation, management and support of Urban-ITS in an environment where this is an administration controlled and led activity and not a community-wide managed or controlled activity. The pre-study report, in addition to its submission to the European Commission, shall be in a format suitable for adaptation to a European standardisation deliverable on Use Cases addressing the three areas of this request and highlighting their possible interdependencies. Specifically, a gap analysis identifying additional requirements and priorities for: d) Architecture: high level proposals outlining the parameters for a European standardisation deliverable for Urban-ITS architecture integrating the three areas of this request and highlighting connexions or interfaces with surrounding ITS applications as well as compatibility or coherence with existing standards, technical specifications, data models. e) Multimodal Information Services: Standardisation deliverables in support of new mobility services, such as car sharing, car-pooling, public bike sharing services, park & ride, bike & ride, etc. Alternative fuel infrastructure, including information on location and availability of stations, charging models and capacity at stations, (integrated) payment schemes, etc. A European standardisation deliverable on reference data model, common data dictionary and metadata structure for multimodal information services. f) Traffic Management: Standardisation deliverables in support of European standards for: a set of traffic management measures (encompassing the necessary infrastructure / static road data, dynamic road status data, traffic data or traffic control data, weather data), a set of traffic re-routing, traffic prioritisation and access regulation measures including intersections management (supplemented by vehicle identification data). In particular, the different types of road user charging models set up in various cities as well as the modalities of shared use of dedicated lanes by different types of vehicles (e.g. freight, public transport, emergency vehicles) should be considered. European standards or European Standardisation deliverables on reference data model, common data dictionary and metadata structure for traffic management including access regulation. g) Urban Logistics (Including parking management): Standardisation deliverables in support of European standards for: Intelligent parking for light vehicles, commercial vehicles and trucks. (...)


Standard - Active


Technical Committee :
CEN/TC 278 : Intelligent transport systems


start of the vote on the project      date of ratification (dor)    18/09/2017
end of the vote on the project      date of anouncement (doa)   
start of the vote on the final project    25/05/2017   date of publication (dop)   
end of the vote on the final project    17/08/2017   date of withdrawal (dow)   

Publication Official Journal
of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

International Classification for Standards (ICS codes) :

35.240.60 : IT applications in transport and trade

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