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CEN/TS 17332:2019 Edition 05/2019
Construction products: Assessment of release of dangerous substances - Analysis of organic substances in eluates
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This document specifies existing methods for the determination of specific organic substances in aqueous eluates from leaching of construction products. The following parameters are covered: pH, electrical conductivity, biocides, bisphenol A, BTEX, dioxins and furans, DOC, epichlorohydrin, mineral oil, nonylphenols, PAH, PBDE, PCB, dioxin-like PCB, PCP, phenols and phthalates. NOTE 1 Methods still under development or available at national level only are listed in Annex B for certain amines, AOX, and biocidal and plant protection products. NOTE 2 Methods that have not been validated for aqueous eluates from leaching of construction products, because no suitable material was available at the time of the robustness validation, only are listed in Annex B. This applies to organotin compounds. The methods in this document come from different fields, mainly the analysis of water, and are applicable for the eluates from construction products. They are validated for eluates of the product types listed in Annex A. NOTE 3 Construction products include, e.g. mineral-based products, bituminous products, wood-based products, polymer-based products and metals. This document includes analytical methods for all matrices except metals. The selection of the method to be applied is based on the product matrix and the required sensitivity.


Standard - Active


Technical Committee :
CEN/TC 351 : Construction Products - Assessment of release of dangerous substances


start of the vote on the project      date of ratification (dor)    11/02/2019
end of the vote on the project      date of anouncement (doa)    31/08/2019
start of the vote on the final project    18/10/2018   date of publication (dop)   
end of the vote on the final project    10/01/2019   date of withdrawal (dow)   

Publication Official Journal
of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg


prEN 17332

International Classification for Standards (ICS codes) :

91.100.01 : Construction materials in general


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